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Here at Silverblood Frenchies we strive for excellence and are one of the top rated isabella French bulldog breeders in the state of Florida. Isabella and tan french bulldogs are the most rare and exotic looking frenchies you can find in the world.

If you are in search of a high quality, superior, champion bred AKC registered merle Fench bulldog puppy from a trusted and highly reputable breeder, then you've landed on the right webpage. Please feel free to explore our website thoroughly to find out more about this amazing and majestic breed of dog we have come to love and admire. We have very useful information scattered about our website to give you a better understanding of what it is to own a merle french bulldog and how to care for a brand new puppy in training.

About the Isabella French Bulldog (DNA)


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Updated: December 02, 2021

Both forms of chocolate, dilute black color pigments into brown. A pup needs 2 (two) copies of the trait. 1 (one) from each parent to express the color. Testable chocolate can be tested for on the "B" locus.

To date, the 2 (two) chocolate versions are incompatible. In general, when a testable chocolate is bred to a non-testable chocolate, the puppies will NOT appear chocolate (phenotype) but presumed to carry a copy of each (genotype).

Testable chocolates have a rich, medium-brown fur coat with a "reddish" nose. Overall, non-testable chocolates are a darker brown. Both chocolates have light colored eyes that range from golden to yellowish-green.

Chocolate can be diluted by the "D" locus to produce lighter shades of a particular color. "Isabella" is used to describe diluted testable chocolate pups since "lilac" is historically used to describe diluted non-testable chocolate puppies.

See chart below (pictograph credit: Herine Chin, 8-23-2018)

Testable chocolate vs. Isabella


On a DNA color genetics test a french bulldog that is visually chocolate and is testable cholate will apear as (bb) on a DNA test. While a visually Isabella french bulldog will appear as (dd, bb) on a DNA test. Visually expressed color = Phenotype | Non-visuall, only carries color = Genotype.


What can produce an Isabella French Bulldog based on DNA test results?

Updated: December 02, 2021

Pictured below is our Isabella and tan stud "Golden Boy" - all of his puppies will be isabella carriers (carry testable chocolate) and when bred to an isabella or testable chocolate carrier female, will produce isabella puppies. For info on Golden Boy's stud fee or his available puppies CLICK HERE

Testable chocolate carrier (Bb, Dd) | Testable chocolate carrier (Bb, dd) | Chocolate carrier (bb, Dd) | Chocolate carrier (bb, dd) See chart below:


We are located in Tampa and South Florida but we can ship our puppies to any location within the US via ground shipping or via air by pet nanny service. For your convenience, we provided door to door pet transportation for your newly purchased pup.

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