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All of our dogs and french bulldog puppies come with American Kennel Club (AKC) registration. We also provide the option for no AKC papers when pups are sold as pets only, with no breeding rights.

Health Certified Vet Checked

Our puppies are all very well cared for and are very healthy naturally. In addition our french bulldog puppies come along with a health certificate showing a clean bill of health and any administered vaccinations.

Trusted & Reputable Breeder

Here Silverblood Frenchies we provide a high quality of service to our customers. We are a reputable and trust worthy french bulldog breeder for over 12 years. Please see our testimonial page for more info.

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Available Pups

We have blue, lilac, isabella frenchies and fluffy french bulldog puppies available now. We have both boys and girls avaialble now. We are located in the Tampa area and South Florida. Our Frenchies come with full AKC Registration and a clean bill of health. They are raised in a loving and caring home with small children. Our babies are ready to bring joy to their new homes! **DRAG FROM RIGHT TO LEFT TO SEE MORE IMAGES**

About Merle French Bulldogs | About Isabella French Bulldogs | About Lilac French Bulldogs

This is our Blue and Tan French Bulldog stud Gizmo. Gizmo carries two copies of (At) and will pass on the tan gene to 100% of all of his puppies. His color DNA is dd, At/At. The blue and tan frenchie has gained a lot of popularity in recent years due to its unique look and rare genetics. The two toned phenotype look is stricking and very attractive for a dog this small in stature. We have a couple of blue and tan french bulldog puppy litters lined up in the next few months. To see more info about our boy Gizmo, for stud service or for his future puppies for sale, click below. Blue french bulldog puppies for sale

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Lilac French Bulldogs are one of the most rare and stunningly beautiful dogs in the world in my opinion. They are harder to produce that your average blue or chocolate colored dog. In this picture you can see a solid lilac frenchie puppy just hours old. You can clearly see the unique champahne, pinkish coat. It's trully a stunning appearance and its beauty cannot be denied. We have lilac frenchies for sale. We have produced several lilac puppies in the past and have kept a couple of them for our own breeding program. Our chocolate, blue carrier boy Gizmo has sired all of our lilac puppies. The general color DNA for a lilac french bulldog is basically (dd, bb). This makes the dog fully blue and fully chocolate. This blending of colors results in a lilac. Lilacs are also recognized as "isabella" or "champagne". Click here to see more about isabella french bulldogs.

Merle french bulldogs are one of the most rare and exotic looking frenchies you can find in the world. This is our Lilac and Tan merle french bulldog stud Bingo. The merle gene is a dominant gene and when one of the parents is a merle, on average half or more of the litter will also be merle. A dog cannot merely "carry" the merle gene. He/she is either a merle or is not by phenotype, therefore it is always expressed visually. Contrary to popular beliefe, the merle gene in itself does not cause any helth issues. However, two merle dogs should not be bred to avoid health defects. Our merle french bulldog puppies for sale always come with a one full year health guarantee and a clean bill of health from a certified US veterinarian. Merle frenchies for sale puppies available.

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At Silverblood Frenchies we produce by far more blue french bulldog puppies than any other color of frenchies. Blue frenchies are a big part of our breeding program as most of our adult breeding dogs are blues and carry other exotic colors such as chocolate or blue and tan. Blue french bulldog's color DNA is (d,d) which means they carry two copies of "dilute". This is a mutation of black or diluted black which is what gives us the blue/grayish coat color. There are actually different tones and shades of blue available form light silver blue to deep blue coats. They are all impressive and majestic looking and have become very popular in recent years.

Both forms of chocolate, dilute black color pigments into brown or "isabella". A pup needs 2 (two) copies of the trait. 1 (one) from each parent to express the color and to be an isabella french bulldog. Testable chocolate can be tested for on the "B" locus. To date, the 2 (two) chocolate versions are incompatible. In general, when a testable chocolate is bred to a non-testable chocolate, the puppies will NOT appear chocolate (phenotype) but presumed to carry a copy of each (genotype). Testable chocolates have a rich, medium-brown fur coat with a "reddish" nose. Overall, non-testable chocolates are a darker brown. Both chocolates have light colored eyes that range from golden to yellowish-green. Check out our isabella french bulldogs for sale.

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Long haired French Bulldogs carry two copies (one from each parent) of a recessive long hair gene or "fluffy gene" called L4. Sometimes long haired frenchies with DNA for long hair as L1. While L4 is the standard long hair gene typically associated with the french bulldog breed, L1 usually means that the gene has originated form a different breed. Nevertheless, they will have medium length wavy hair over their ears, head, back and chest, which gives them a fluffy appearance. Regardless of this, they can still be purebred French Bulldogs. Fluffy french bulldog puppies for sale. Click here to see more about fluffy french bulldogs.


Our Silverblood bloodline is compiled from the top pedigree dogs from around the world.


Our pups have solid bodies, heavy bones, big heads with beautiful faces and conformationally sound.


Health of our puppies is a top priority and our adults are selected for their superior health and resilience.

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We are proud to use the following products and services for all of our French Bulldogs here at Silverblood Frenchies.

We offer 24/7 support to all of our customers, for all our puppies, for life!

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Healthy Paws Pet Insurance and Foundation.

Understanding French Bulldog Puppy Rare Colors?

Here at Silverblood Frenchies you are sure to find the exotic French bulldog puppy of your dreams, with rare exotic colors and patterns like tan points or merles and even fluffy french bulldogs. Some of these exotic French bulldog colors that we produce and have available for sale include:

Selecting The Ideal French Bulldog Puppy

So once you and your loved ones make the decision to add a frenchie family member to your squad, you'll need to make sure you find the right furry friend. The first thing you'll need to do is find a reputable and knowledgeable french bulldog breeder. Silverblood Frenchies is not new to "the game". We have been breeding and raising these gorgeous creatures for over 10 years now. We have acquired the experience and knowledge over the years that many new puppy parents wished their breeder had. Every single one of our puppies we sell come with lifetime 24 hour support for their Silverblood Frenchies Puppy for life! Feel free to check out our testimonials page to hear from just a handfull of our previous happy customers.